What I’ve been weaving over the Holidays

Weave, sleep, weave, repeat.

It’s official, I’m obsessed with weaving! I decided that while I actually have the time, I might as well concentrate on improving my weaving skills and producing better weaves. So I started with making them a little bigger. I’m enjoying the whole experience so much so that I’m now in the progress of starting up my own shop through Etsy! I’ll do a follow up blog soon and let you know where to find it and how it’s going.

In the meantime, here are a couple of my recent weaves that I’ll be adding to the shop once it’s up and running!


Deck the Halls

The festive period is in full swing and so are the decorations. Hoorah! I’ve been out and about admiring the decks where ever I go, as well as grabbing a bite to lunch and a few Christmas presents here and there. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to trim up your home, and feel like the Christmas tree from out the loft isn’t all that exciting, why not try and create something new this year.

I spotted this treat in a restaurant in my hometown and although it probably cost very little to produce, it really had a wow-factor. This could be placed anywhere around the home and hung from the ceiling it looks super special. All you need is to do is collect a few branches, add some string lights and few spare baubles to hang from them. Smaller versions could also be used for table centre pieces which would look just as festive.

DIY Loom and Weaves

Weave wall hangings are a popular home accessory right now and they can make a house feel homely and lived in, plus fit in any room – big or small. I figured a weave wall hanging would make a perfect addition to my home and be a fun alternative to standard photos or paintings on the wall. But they don’t come cheap. After a quick search online, I found that retailers were selling handmade weaves for £20 upwards, with some reaching the £100 mark. For me, this was out of the budget so I decided to get crafty and make my own. 

Firstly, I needed to make a loom. This is the basic apparatus used to construct the weaving. These are also expensive to buy. If you don’t know what a loom looks like, it is simply a wooden frame which has pegs along the top and bottom. This can easily be constructed from an old wooden picture frame, by hammering tacks at an equal distance along the top and bottom. 

What else I used: Wool, Scissors, Bodkin, Wooden dowel, String, Fork. Simple!


To get started, tie a knot around the first tack and then wrap the string around the tacks from top to bottom until you reach the last tack, then tie another knot. After, weave under and over with the wool across the string base to create the weave. Use a fork to push the wool down to the bottom of the loom and work your way upwards, repeating the same steps.

To create tassels at the bottom of the weave, cut wool double the length of desired tassel and take four strands at a time, centre under the first set of top and bottom string wraps and then pull out the wool from between the two wraps slightly. Take the ends of the wool over the wraps and under the centre piece of wool and pull. Repeat these steps with the next pair of wraps and then the next until you reach the last. 

When the weave is complete, cut the top string wraps and tie each pair around the wooden dowel. Finish off with a string attached to the dowel to hang your weave. There are limitless patterns you can create using the loom and with practice, your weaves will develop into masterpieces. I thoroughly enjoy making my weaves as a hobby and recently started selling them! Give it a go. 


Welcome to Vibrant Spaces!

For as long as I can remember I have been driven by creativity. As a child my passions were for art and textiles, colour and texture, these are things that appealed to me in a way that would go on to form the basis of my love for home interiors and crafts. I have always believed that the space you live in can have a dramatic effect on your mood. A happy space in turn creates a happier you.

After years of trolling the internet for useful tips on how to create art for my home, up-cycling and re-cycling unloved furniture and any useful object I could get my hands on, it is pretty easy for me to say that this has become a much loved hobby of mine. To me, there is something satisfying and cathartic about DIY, be it in the home, garden, or even a sad looking shelf which has lost it’s sparkle. Through small alterations or a new addition, a space can be completely transformed.

As a student, spending a huge amount of money to do this is not an option, but living on a not-so-lavish budget doesn’t mean you can’t create that vibrant space you’ve always wanted, in fact, quite the opposite! Budget calls for innovative solutions and imagination in buckets. In this blog I want to present to you what I have learned and am still learning when it comes to interiors. Happy reading!