Welcome to Vibrant Spaces!

For as long as I can remember I have been driven by creativity. As a child my passions were for art and textiles, colour and texture, these are things that appealed to me in a way that would go on to form the basis of my love for home interiors and crafts. I have always believed that the space you live in can have a dramatic effect on your mood. A happy space in turn creates a happier you.

After years of trolling the internet for useful tips on how to create art for my home, up-cycling and re-cycling unloved furniture and any useful object I could get my hands on, it is pretty easy for me to say that this has become a much loved hobby of mine. To me, there is something satisfying and cathartic about DIY, be it in the home, garden, or even a sad looking shelf which has lost it’s sparkle. Through small alterations or a new addition, a space can be completely transformed.

As a student, spending a huge amount of money to do this is not an option, but living on a not-so-lavish budget doesn’t mean you can’t create that vibrant space you’ve always wanted, in fact, quite the opposite! Budget calls for innovative solutions and imagination in buckets. In this blog I want to present to you what I have learned and am still learning when it comes to interiors. Happy reading!



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